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Purchasing Diamonds Guide

Diamonds are graded and certified according to the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity and colour. These are the four most important features to take into account when buying a diamond. It’s the way that the four Cs relate together that gives value and beauty to your diamond.

The Basic 4Cs

1. Diamond Carat Weight
Carat Weight is the simplest and only truly objective factor of the 4C’s. Diamond carat weight is also the biggest influence on price.
2. Diamond Cut
Cut refers to the proportions and relative angles of a faceted diamond. Cut is a quality factor that determines value along with the other 4Cs.
3. Diamond Clarity
Clarity refers to the existence of internal and external imperfections that characterize an individual diamond.
4. Diamond Color
Diamond color refers to how little color is present within a diamond. Learn more about diamond color and value.

While diamonds are being formed deep within the Earth’s surface, the extreme heat and pressure that help shape them can also create cracks, flaws or inclusions. These internal and external imperfections or blemishes are considered to be the natural birthmark of every diamond. Technically, a diamond’s interior irregularities are referred to as inclusions and a diamond’s exterior irregularities are referred to as blemishes. Frequently, these marks are detectable only under a powerful microscope or jeweler’s loupe, and therefore do not visibly affect the appearance or beauty of a diamond.

When a professional gemologist evaluates or grades a diamond’s clarity, typically these inclusions and blemishes are mapped to create a “fingerprint” of the diamond. This “fingerprint” is what distinguishes the diamond as unique