Business Logistics For Transporting Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most valuable items on earth. This makes them highly targeted for theft. As such, there are certain precautions that should be taken any time diamonds or other valuable items are being transported. What business logistics are required in the transportation of diamonds?

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Packaging should be done in a way that makes it hard for thieves to detect that the package contains valuable commodities. You can use several packaging boxes to conceal this. The inner box containing the diamonds should be difficult to compromise such that even if the thieves get hold of it, it would take time before they access the diamonds.

Selection of shipping company

There are a number of companies that provide shipping services for valuable cargo such as diamonds. You will need to evaluate them and identify the most suitable one based on your location, the charges, the destination of the diamonds, the preferred mode of transport, their levels of security and how discreet they can be. Remember that these diamonds are worth a lot which means that they should be handled by the most efficient and secure shipping company.


Due to the value attached to diamonds, it is easy for them to be stolen. As such, you will need to hire security personnel to accompany the diamonds as they are delivered to the shipping company's warehouse. Remember that some shipping companies will organise this but for those that do not, you may need to hire your own security detail. It is recommendable to work with a shipping company that has security personnel, armoured vehicles and tracking devices. The tracker should be put in the innermost package to facilitate real life data on the location of the diamonds. Remember that the fewer the people who know that you are transporting diamonds, the less the likelihood of conspiracy to steal these diamonds.


You need to take out shipping insurance to shield yourself against losses. For some shipping companies, this may be mandatory. Some shipping companies will offer packages that are inclusive of insurance costs to make it easier for you while in others, you need to make independent insurance arrangements. Ensure that you take out the most comprehensive form of insurance for your own peace of mind.


During the course of transportation, your diamonds may require secure storage. While most shipping companies may offer storage facilities, you may opt for independent arrangements to ensure safety. The storage facilities should be secure, easily accessible and have the most suitable conditions for the storage of diamonds.